FishOn! 2018

Understanding that current land use practices account for 60% of the phosphorus entering Lake Champlain leading to toxic cyanobacteria blooms, LCI has created an opportunity for diverse stakeholders to gather on the water for educational and recreational immersion with our water resources. FishOn! facilitates deep conversations about threats to water quality, the known causes of these threats, and exploration of collaborative solutions while physically engaged directly with the lake.

Though Lake Champlain may appear picturesque on the surface, current threats are as real and as consequential as ever before.  Our waters are contaminated with pathogens, pharmaceuticals, chemical pollutants, and physical pollutants. With estimates topping $1 billion dollars to clean up Lake Champlain, and no clear vision of where the funding will come from, collaboratively found solutions become a powerful force for unity in a challenging situation with passionate stakeholders.

To Join a Trip or Book for your Office:
Contact LCI staff at with three possible dates and your desired location for the trip – Otter Creek at Vergennes, or Lake Champlain from Shelburne.