What is BLUE®?  


BLUE® is an innovative, effective, simple, and fun program that certifies residential properties as watershed friendly, or BLUE®. To earn BLUE® certification, private property owners follow simple, yet scientifically accepted, practices that reduce water pollution runoff starting on their properties.

Certify your home, condo, business, product, or service!

Why Become  BLUE®?

If you're concerned about the safety of your local beach, fish dying from pollution, unsafe drinking water, or the depreciated property values associated with polluted communities, BLUE® is your solution. Becoming BLUE® can reduce dangerous and costly water pollution and even appreciate your home's value! BLUE® can also help prevent potential or additional stormwater fees.

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So how do you become BLUE®?

Just call or email to schedule a free evaluation. The evaluation is quick and simple! By the end of the evaluation, you will know exactly what you can do to become BLUE® and do your part to clean up your waterways and waterbodies!

BLUE® is currently FREE for residents of Colchester, Winooski, Milton, Essex Junction, and Shelburne VT, and we hope to be in more communities soon. You can even be eligible for up to $250 for property improvements that reduce water pollution. That's a free rain garden, rain barrel, downspout redirect, gutters, low-flow fixtures, and more!

Do you live in Burlington?  We are partnering with the City of Burlington and Sea Grant to offer BLUE BTV - a stormwater mitigation program specific to the needs of Burlington residents.

Even if you don't live in any of those towns, give us a call or email and we'll chat. We're always looking to expand the reach of BLUE®, so let us know if you want BLUE® in your town!

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