Sewage overflow in Rultand, VT


Let's stop this combination!   No one wants human waste, chemicals, pesticides, pathogens, and pharmaceuticals in the water we drink, fish, sail, kayak, boat on, swim in and live next to.

If we cannot handle the sewage and stormwater we are generating now, how can we reasonably and responsibly expect to grow jobs and our downtowns?

It's time to accept the reality that our water infrastructure is inadequate, and it is costing us in myriad ways. Just ask the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development and read the 2020 Report. Once we accept the reality, we can then go about implementing a host of solutions to build stronger communities in Vermont.

Rain does not cause pollution. Obsolete and inadequate infrastructure coupled with poor public policy does.  Flood EPA New England Region Administrator Alexandra Dapolito Dunn and the VT DEC Director Emily Boedecker with our concerns instead of allowing city councils and select boards to swamp our public waters. Their email addresses are and

Sewage totals to date

For the full list of Sewage Overflows and Incidents, see the Department of Environmental Conservation website

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