LCI Executive Director with a group of students

The Healthy Waters, Healthy Children program is an educational offering to children and young adults in 4th – undergraduate level classrooms around the Lake Champlain Watershed to educate and inspire students to become stewards of our freshwater resources, thereby motivating locals to care more about health impacts of water, and the health of the environment in which we all live.

The LCI education team offers dynamic, interactive presentations on the interrelated elements, and importance of, safe and healthy waters. We challenge students to think broadly about the myriad ways our lives are touched by Lake Champlain, and empower students to take steps around their own homes to be a part of the solutions necessary to ensure the protection of their beaches, their drinking water, and their food.

Focusing on watershed health and the relationship between our actions and cyanobacteria outbreaks in Lake Champlain, educators inspire and embolden students not only to take action within their own homes, but also with opportunities to become leaders in public and environmental health protection efforts. In addition to current issues of harmful algae blooms, educators can cover a wide range of supporting topics including: fisheries, energy, agriculture, environmental and economic sustainability, and Lake Champlain history.

Healthy Waters, Healthy Children materials are dynamic, pertinent, grade appropriate and highly engaging.

If you would like to host LCI educators in your science classroom or at an assembly, email us for more details, or call 802.879.3466

LCI educators in action


Healthy Waters, Healthy Children is supported by Manosh, water well and construction drilling. We are proud to partner with Manosh, as they demonstrate leadership within the business community, investing in the next generation through programs for environmental stewardship.

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