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Make a Difference
When you volunteer, participate in our events, become a member or donate to LCI, you support our commitment to a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Lake Champlain.

Restore the Glory of  Champlain Fisheries
By improving habitats for native fish, more anglers and tourists are attracted to our beautiful resource. Lake stakeholders take an active stewardship role to promote the future health of the lake.

Invest in Our Youth & Carry  on the Angling Heritage
LCI encourages children to become stewards of their watershed by providing programs for at-risk youth, classroom education, and our educational mascot, Bobber Bob.

Learn About Lake Issues
LCI promises to bring you the latest information on  issues threatening the health of your lake and  effective ways you can do your part!


Membership is more than just knowing you are part of the solution. Benefits include:

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