Junior Angler Program

Hey Kids! Do you want to learn how to fish? 

Maybe your folks fish, maybe not, but for sure people have been catching fish for a long, long time!  Did you know that the oldest fishing hooks date back 42,000 years and were made of bone?  Join our Junior Angler program to learn more about the heritage of fishing, and get started yourself!

Our Junior Angler program includes:

1. A new fishing pole
2. A fishing lure
3. A neat book with all kinds of information about fishing, including: knots, lures, and how to identify great places to fish
4. A map of local places to try
5. A species identification sheet
6. A member certificate
7. Ongoing notification of activities and information for kids

And above all that, you know that through supporting our program, you are supporting all the great work we do for swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters in the Lake Champlain Basin!

So, join Bobber Bob and the Tackle Team, and sign up today!

Kids fishing