Loon and Chick


BLUE® is a free stormwater education and outreach consultation service, assisting property owners to mitigate negative consequences of stormwater run-off from their properties. Using criteria designed in collaboration with the International Water Quality Council, consultants help residents and business owners take action to reduce toxic algae blooms in Lake Champlain, and prevent harmful pathogens and pollutants from entering our rivers. 

Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting

Knowledge is power. LCI keeps careful track of reported CSO discharges, cyanobacterial outbreaks (commonly called blue green algae blooms), and other water quality violations. This information is compiled and disseminated as a method of demonstrating the extent of the threat to our waters.

Pollution Prevention Advocacy

LCI fights tooth and nail for your right to clean water. Our advocacy spans all levels of government, multiple industries, and myriad public stakeholder groups.