Keeping Lake Champlain swimmable, drinkable, and fishable for all

At Lake Champlain International we firmly believe that people hold the key to Lake Champlain’s future, and to ensure the future of our lake as a premier fishery, economic engine, and recreational resource we must all do our part to address the issues head-on and from multiple perspectives.

We implement several programs each with the same goal – to educate and engage all stakeholders. Be it teaching children in the classroom, working with homeowners to mitigate their property’s impact, tirelessly advocating in the Statehouse, holding vigils, lending new anglers the gear they need to get started, or making the public aware of threats to their health through grassroots campaigns – all of our programs help secure a future for Lake Champlain that is swimmable, drinkable, and fishable.


Pollution outflowPollution Prevention

One of the most basic things necessary to protecting Lake Champlain - stop the bad stuff from getting in. Pollution comes in many forms, each of which requires a unique and thorough approach. Nutrients, sewage, pharmaceuticals, sediment, oils and other run off from urban streets, trash - none of these things belong in our waters.

Our pollution prevention programs help home owners and businesses take tangible steps toward reducing their impact, while also approaching prevention from a policy angle so that we are taking the right steps to protect our water.


Youth Education and Outreachkids using nets to learn about water quality

It's not a cliche - children really do hold the keys to our future. It's up to us to set an example and provide guidance so that the next generation grows up with an appreciation and understanding of our natural resources, are trained in the proper way to protect them, and are equipped the personal connection that creates determined stewardship. 

Our youth and education programs connect kids with the outdoors by providing the equipment and guidance to get started in fishing. We show kids the fun and food that a day on the water can provide while teaching valuable life skills. Other programs are available for adaptation to the classroom and can be styled to suit a wide array of ages and learning styles.

Dam removal is key to fisheries and habitat restorationFisheries Restoration

The importance of strong fisheries can not be understated. The millions of dollars brought in by local and out-of-state anglers funds vital state services and provides a major boost in state-wide benefits on both sides of the lake. Fishing provides rare opportunities for families and friends to enjoy time together outside. Fresh fish can make a delicious, nutritious, local addition to any dinner table. 

Strong fisheries are an indicator of healthy waters. Many fish are very sensitive to temperature, chemical levels, oxygen levels, turbidity, and flow. When we have a strong, self-sustaining fishery we will know we have accomplished our water quality goals.

Public Education and OutreachPublic education is key to tackling Lake Champlain pollution issues

People are the solution. That's all there is to it. Nothing will change unless stakeholders like you are involved and informed. Years of apathy have gotten us to where we are now, and the only way to get on the right track is to show that you care about the future of your water. Our programs give people an array of options to join the team and fight for a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Lake Champlain. 

A father and son carry on the angling heritageAngling Heritage

People who care most about our natural resources are those who spent the most time out in them. Fishing is an excellent way to build a personal connection with water, with Lake Champlain, with a favorite lake, pond, or stream. It creates a treasured experience which in turns creates a deep respect and appreciation for what that resource can give you. People with that respect and appreciate are the stewards who will stand up and fight for the future of our water. They are the ones that will ensure a future of clean water, healthy fish, and happy people.