Elizabeth Ehlers, Business Manager

Elizabeth grew up on the Florida Panhandle, spending days crabbing on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and nights fishing for snook and grouper in the inner bays. She studied Environmental Science with a focus on Sustainable Development, and completed field projects in the Florida Everglades, Peru, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua. Seeking a new adventure after graduation in 2000, she drove to Vermont to spend the summer, and what was supposed to be a 3-month trip turned into a new lifetime adventure!

Robert White, Volunteer

Robert has been a volunteer for LCI for roughly 7 years.  In addition to providing derby weigh station assistance, Robert has provided both the fun side of volunteering - out on the Lake as the Captain of Champlain's Ark - and the less glamorous but necessary work of grant writing.

Hilary Kirchner, Volunteer

Hilary has been a volunteer for LCI for over a year.  She provides administrative support for LCI's programs and attends relevant meetings and special events when she can. She has an AS in Environmental Science and BS in Plant and Soil Science.  Helping to create a culture of clean water is a personal priority for her.