Elizabeth grew up on the Florida Panhandle, spending days crabbing on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and nights fishing for snook and grouper in the inner bays. She studied Environmental Science with a focus on Sustainable Development, and completed field projects in the Florida Everglades, Peru, Guatemala, Panama and Nicaragua. Seeking a new adventure after graduation in 2000, she drove to Vermont to spend the summer, and what was supposed to be a 3-month trip turned into a new lifetime adventure!


Favorite Thing to do on Lake Champlain

Watching our children explore and enjoy the lake, and seeing how excited they get reeling in their first fish.

Favorite Type of Fish or Lake Critter

Tern… I love watching them ride the air currents.

Favorite Story or Memory

Being 9 months pregnant during the 2008 derby, somehow holding out an extra two weeks and making it through the awards ceremony.

Largest Fish Caught

31-pound dorado

Thing people least likely know

Worked as a marine mammal trainer with sea lions and dolphins for 8 years, and volunteered with The Stranding Network to rescue and rehabilitate stranded and injured wildlife.

When not protecting Lake Champlain, what are your hobbies

Cooking, baking, restoring furniture and spending time with family.