James has been the Executive Director at LCI for more than a decade. He holds more than 20 years of experience with water quality and conservation issues and has a proven track record of accomplishing challenging tasks.

See James featured in the documentary Bloom a documentary on the plight of Lake Champlain.

James in Field

Favorite Thing to do on Lake Champlain

Fish, sail, water ski, take in vitamin D, just looking at it.

Favorite Type of Fish or Lake Critter

Atlantic salmon, sturgeon, walleye, wood ducks, and hexagenia mayfly.

Favorite Story or Memory

Fire alarm pulled during an awards ceremony; lightning blowing up a weigh station scale during FDD.

Thing people least likely know

Hosted two Iraqi war refugees in my house … racing stock cars is addictive—good thing for my family I was not any good at it.

When not protecting Lake Champlain, what are your hobbies

Spending time with my children. Moose and deer hunting with friends in big woods. Vegetable and flower gardening. Physics, finance, astronomy, literature, music, history, chess, Charlie Brown, beer, and entertaining friends in the Rabbit Hole. Volunteer at food shelf, church, and Meals on Wheels.