GoodSearch, GoodShop, and Amazon Smile are three ways to support our work that won't cost you a penny! Goodsearch donates every time you search the web. GoodShop can connect you with thousands of retailers who make a generous donation to your chosen cause, while also offering you tons of coupons and discount codes. Amazon Smile is a super easy way to raise money while you shop online - Amazon will make a small donation every time you buy!


It only takes a few minutes to configure these services and start raising money for clean water!

Set up GoodSearch and GoodShop

  1. Register for the service by going to You can sign in using Facebook or by entering your email.
  2. Once you are registered and signed in, on the top, toward the right, click on "How It Works?" and select "Support a Cause"
  3. Enter "Lake Champlain International" and choose us from the list that comes up
  4. Select "adopt this cause" and you're good to go!

Using GoodSearch and GoodShop

Once you are all registered and have selected LCI as your chosen cause, you can begin searching the web through It is highly recommended, however, that you set your home page and default search engines to GoodSearch so you don't miss an opportunities to help out and save you the effort of having to type in the GoodSearch URL every time. 

GoodShop serves you coupons for retailers who will donate to LCI. When you are ready to shop, simply go to and search for preferred retailer. 

Set up Amazon Smile

  1. Go to and sign-in with your existing Amazon account.
  2. To choose your charity, please type "Lake Champlain International" in the search field.
  3. Selecting Lake Champlain International will send the donations directly to us!

Please note: if you already are registered for Amazon Smile and have a charity chosen but would like to support LCI, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Hover over "My Account"
  2. Choose the "Change your Charitiy" option
  3. In the search bar towards the bottom of the page type in "Lake Champlain International"
  4. Click the "select" option to the right


If you have any questions, please shoot us an email or give us a call at 802-879-3466. We'd be happy to help work you through the process!