Think You Know Lake Champlain?

Scientific knowledge has concretely described the formation of Lake Champlain from millions of years of geological shifting.

Despite what little commercial activity currently occurs, Lake Champlain once played a major role in the commercial transportation of goods.

Like Elvis, dinosaurs are not dead.

Don’t believe me? Well, it’s true…sort of. While they may not be ‘dinosaurs’ per say, they are really really REALLY old.

Even when the lake seems dead calm, there is still a lot of movement going on. Storming along at nearly 30 miles per hour, is a surface seiche.

We all know that Lake Champlain has a huge variety of fish species, including some that can be found nowhere else in Vermont.

The Lake Champlain Basin serves as a treasure trove of oddities and rich history. This month finds a gem hidden amongst a region full of recreational experiences.

It is common knowledge that Lake Champlain is home to many different species of fish.

Lake Champlain and the surrounding lands are home to a ton of history.

The Atlantic salmon is one of the most well known species in Lake Champlain. It’s big, aggressive and really tastey.