youth are the key to a future that is swimmable, drinkable, and fishable

Bobber Bob

Bobber Bob is a delightful outreach program, spreading smiles and peaking interest among Vermont’s children. Encouraging children to engage with the lake and our ecological resources, Bobber Bob motivated children to care about the heritage sport of angling, and the importance of clean and healthy waters.

Healthy Waters, Healthy Children

The Healthy Waters, Healthy Children program is an educational offering for children and young adults in 4th – undergraduate level classrooms around the Lake Champlain Basin about nutrient and chemical pollution in our watershed. Presentations are designed to inspire students to become stewards of our freshwater resources, thereby motivating students, parents, and locals to care more about health impacts of water pollution, and the health of the environment in which we all live.

Catching and Cooking / Lake Supper

The Catch and Cook program is a recreational and educational offering for at-risk youth around the Lake Champlain Basin to provide a fishing and outdoor recreational experience, while educating about the issues facing Lake Champlain. Each child has the opportunity for a significant amount of one-on-one instruction and connection not only the art of fishing, but also with the kind of sportsmanship values that promote a lifetime of recreational and social opportunities. Contact us for more additional information on scheduling or ways you can help out.